Security Threats and Trends

2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report

A detailed review of the most pervasive & impactful cyber threats and 2019 incident investigations. Download our comprehensive analysis of the top cyber threats that occurred last year and Crypsis Pro Tips to help organizations fight back.



Retired four-star United States Air Force General Michael Hayden and former Director of both the CIA and NSA offers expertise on how to win the war on cybercrime.

Business Email Compromise

BEC — because they can. Learn how to assemble a strong defense as threat actors continue to capitalize on organizations’ migration of enterprise email to the cloud.

Sector Report Card

Organizations that transmit and process high volumes of monetizable sensitive data disproportionately attract threat actors; which were the hardest hit sectors in 2019?

Data Breach

Data breaches comprise some of the most impactful — and in some cases, overlooked — areas of risk. Learn how to build your enterprise security armor.


Get an in-depth analysis of how ransomware threat actors have evolved and the trends your organization should be prepared for.

Crypsis Pro Tips

Fight back against cybercriminals with actionable next steps and detailed security best practices in each risk area to help your organization defend against a wide range of threats.

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Why Should You Review This Cybersecurity Report?

This descriptive baseline report is informed by a study of data and learnings from over 1,000 incidents The Crypsis Group responded to in 2019. We reference data from 2018 and 2020 where helpful to understand longer-term trends.

  • These matters are representative of broader cyber security threat trends and illustrate emerging and evolving cybersecurity risk.
  • Data is supported by deep empirical insights from our experienced investigators.
  • All sizes of companies, vertical sectors, and a range of geographic regions are represented.

Named one of the Top 10 Digital Forensics Services Companies of 2019 by Enterprise Security magazine and one of America’s Best Startup Employers, 2020, by Forbes, The Crypsis Group helps clients defend against and respond to cybersecurity threats through their cybersecurity expertise, global incident response capabilities, and continuous innovation.


What’s Included in the Cybersecurity Report?

CRY-report-spread-574-1The 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report was derived from over 1,000 engagements The Crypsis Group conducted in 2019.

  • It provides rich, deep insights into real-world cybersecurity risks based on our data and the in-depth expertise of Crypsis experts, empowered by proprietary tools such as Hadron.
  • It goes well beyond just presenting the problem to offer detailed cyber security best practices in each risk area to help organizations defend against a wide range of threats.
  • The report takes a detailed look at ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), payment card breaches, nation state attacks, inadvertent data disclosure incidents and insider threat investigations.

The intention is not to criticize those charged with protecting information technology assets, but rather to offer insights into real-world cybersecurity risks and, importantly, provide practical advice on how organizations can protect themselves.

How to Advance Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

Use the data and insights provided in the 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report to drive how your organization changes to meet the evolving strategies of threat actors.

Understand how threat actors behave and what they target to better equip your teams to successfully mitigate risks and cyber attacks.

As long as there are ways to profit from cybercrime, threat actors will continue to find new methods to exploit vulnerable systems and processes.

What are you waiting for?

Download the report now and get started with your cybersecurity defense plan.